Program “On partnership for innovation” in Uzbekistan

 2021-04-12 16:08:00   |     Просмотров: 1389

Four- year program (2019-2021) on the introduction of effective mechanisms with the purpose of development of the civil society as well as the involvement of citizens in public controlling in Uzbekistan.


Areas of activities:

  • Support of the active participation of citizens in State and public administration through the development of the activities of public councils established within the State authorities;
  • development of suggestions on the improvement of the activities of NGO and other civil society institutions;
  • enhancement of civil society institutions’ potential, development of cooperation, their full support;


Intermediate results:

co-working areas for representatives of NGO;

Five pilot public councils under the State authorities;

Forum of public councils of Uzbekistan;

Ten pilot NGO;

Five grants to increase the participation of civil society in the process of adopting decision on the national and local scales;

Ten grants, with the total amount of 1.3 billion UZS, to develop organizational activities of NGO;

Laboratory of social innovations;

Five web-academies to Uzbek language;


The process of realization is being undertaken with the collaboration of Civil Society Development Association of Kazakhstan “ARGO” with the support of International Development Agency of the USA “USAID”.