Public Hearing: News were reported on 3 paragraphs of the State program

 2021-03-26 19:05:27   |   

On the following public hearing conducted by the initiative of the Nationwide movement “Yuksalish” and the Committee of the Oliy Majlis on Science, Education and Health, questions such as “What is guaranteed package?”, “Who is responsible for concluding a social contract?” and “Whether the scientific projects of youth are funded?” were addressed.

The Sate program “Year of Supporting Youth and Protecting the Health of the Population” were approved by the Presidential Decree on 3rd of February of 2021. It consists of 273 paragraphs of which the implementation of 7 paragraphs were scheduled to be completed in February and 34 in March, to date the implementation of 19 paragraphs were completed.

As planned, the following public hearing on the implementation of the State program was held on 26th of March of 2021. During the public hearing, detailed news about the undertaken work were reported by the representatives of the Ministries of Employment and Labour Relations, Innovative Development, Finance, Higher and Secondary-Specialized Education, Public Health, Public Education, and the State Medical Insurance Fund.

In accordance with the paragraph 150 of the State program, it is planned to introduce a system of social contract with the purpose of increasing the effectiveness of financial assistance and subsidies provided to unemployed citizens and family members in poverty for providing employment and social support at State expense.

Adiba Nuriddinova, Head of the Department of the Ministry of Employment and Labour Relations:

Current procedure has been in practice by several countries for a number of years and has proven its effectiveness. In 2020, the initiative of the implementation of the procedure in Uzbekistan was brought forward by the President of Uzbekistan. It was considered appropriate to include in the pilot project the subsidies, grants and financial aid provided at expense of the Employment Assistance Fund. Currently, there are more than 10 subsidies provided to individuals. Moreover, unemployed citizens are also receiving unemployment benefits.  The system of social contracts will now be put in place to ensure the proper targeting of these funds. The process of testing the system will be conducted in one district and one city of 28 regions of the Republic of Uzbekistan. To date, a draft normative document has been prepared. All this is aimed primarily at reducing poverty in our country.

How does the system of social contracts work? Could it also be cancelled? It was reported that the application of citizens for a subsidy to the assistant of the labour inspector in the neighbourhood will be considered within 3 days and a mutual social contract will be concluded. A month later, monitoring will be conducted by the assistant of the labour inspector. If the allocated subsidy does not perform effectively due to external factors, it is suggested that it be diverted. In case of detection of inefficient use by the individual, the contract may be terminated. This will prevent misuse of the State funds.

For information: 10,000 and 33,000 citizens received unemployment benefits from January to February in 2020 and 2021, respectively.

In accordance with the paragraph 166 of the State program, it is planned to implement a scientific program with the aim of supporting talented youth engaged in scientific activities in the regions, widely attracting them to science, establishing prestigious scientific schools, enhancing their scientific potential, funding, in simplified manner, research and start-up projects of youth. Therefore, the draft resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers “On measures to enhance the mechanism of collective use of scientific laboratories by youth” was submitted to the Ministry of Justice for legal expertise on February 16.

Olimjon Toychiev, Deputy Minister of Innovative Development:

– In order to systematically engage young people in science, the Youth Academy was established under the Ministry of Innovative Development. However, the coverage of young people with science remains slightly below the existing potential. Analysis of the situation has shown that the requirements for funding research activities of our young scientists, start-up projects are very close to the requirements of experienced scientists who have been engaged in this activity for several years. As a result, the requirements for young scientists have been revised and diversified according to their capabilities. Based on the objectives outlined on the concept of the current paragraph of the State program on Development of Science until 2030, the aim is to lower the average age of the scientists in Uzbekistan. Today the average age of scientists in Uzbekistan is above 50 which is slightly higher than the average age of the scientists in the world. To accomplish it, a draft Government resolution has been developed and planned to adopt, which includes - formation, realization, financing and monitoring of the program «Akademik harakatchanlik» (Academic Mobility), organizing a competition «Bo’lajak olim» (Future Scientist) and short-term internships of Young scientists in leading scientific-research organizations.

It was noted that the matter of setting the quota for master's degree at 30% is going through consideration. This will present an opportunity to supply more than 130 higher education institutions and scientific personnel needed for the economy of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

In accordance with paragraph 184 of the State program, a gradual introduction of a system of medical services to the population within the guaranteed package by the State with free medical services and medicines is considered for implementation.

It is noted that the guaranteed package of free medical services includes emergency medical service, medical aviation, first aid, diagnostic counselling in accordance with the family doctor’s referral and the instructions of specialists in the sphere, day care (replacement of hospital), inpatient care, providing blood and its components according to medical instructions, medical rehabilitation, palliative care for certain segments of the population.

Zohid Ermatov, First Deputy Director of the State Medical Insurance Fund:

– The package of free medical services and medicines is approved by the State for the purpose of protecting public health. The State Medical Insurance Fund purchases medical services included in the guaranteed package by concluding contracts with medical institutions in Syrdarya region. Its consumer is the population.

This year, implementation of an e-health system is being introduced in Syrdarya region. In this case, the opening of medical cards for each patient and the service will be delivered online. It is planned to allocate 28 billion UZS from the State budget for these purposes.

It was also stated that the implementation of the State program will be on a regular concentration of the public, in this regard, organization of the public monitoring activities will be continued.

It is known that in the Presidential Address to Uzbek nation as well as the Oliy Majlis, it was ordered to enhance public participation and monitoring over the implementation of legislation, including to introduce «public hearings» and «public monitoring». To ensure the implementation of the set tasks, the platform «Jamoatchilik.uz» was created.


The press service of the Nationwide movement "Yuksalish"