The School of “Journalists and Bloggers” has taken place in Ferghana

 2021-03-20 09:56:26   |   


Training for journalists and bloggers on “Creation of interesting multimedia product and its promotion in social networks”.


17th-19th of March of 2021.


City of Fergana


Journalists and bloggers working in the regions of Fargona, Andijon, and Namangan.

Saida Suleimanova and Emil Fakhreev, experts of the Modern Journalistic Development Center.

What for?

Support the representatives of media, enhance the potential of journalists and bloggers to create quality and interesting content for social networks/platforms, modern technologies, depict the data (create infographics) with the help of software packages, enhance the knowledge as well as the skills of disseminating materials through social networks/platforms.

A school of “Journalist and Bloggers” has been organised by the initiative of the Nationwide movement “Yuksalish” in corporation with the regional representative of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation for Central Asia. For three days, seminars on “How interesting media contents are created?”, “Where to look for ideas and topics?”, “Utilizing the concept of “4 chelak” to analyse the materials”, “Inverted Pyramid”, “Ways to attract the attention of the audience: headline, lead management, photo tags.”, “Trolls on the social networks/platforms” as well as services such as “What is Storytelling?”, “KnightLab”, “Infogram”, “Canva”, “Piktochart”, “Google Tables” were explained/introduced to the audience by the experts.

Approaching the topic from various perspectives plays a major role in journalism. The topic is approached differently whether journalist is from press, internet, television, or even if it is covered by blogger. In this regard, modern media is very useful. However, not everyone is familiar with the process of accomplishing it or delivering the content to the audience. The media school helped the representatives of the media in this regard.

I run my personal channel on Telegram. On my channel, I always try to innovate, and release the news, with my personal comments, quickly. During the training, I discovered new and modern ways of delivering news. In the future, I will provide my audience with more interesting contents with the help of new discoveries. After all, it is the demand of the time to “swim” with the flow of media rather than lagging. (A member of the audience, Muhammadyusuf Yuldoshev)

At the end of the media school, special certificates were presented to the graduates. It is hoped that in the future they will possess a particular positions in the media sphere and engage in major media projects.

The Nationwide movement “Yuksalish” will continue to contribute to the professional enhancement of journalists and bloggers throughout the Republic in 2021. The next media school is planned to be established in the region of Samarkand, with the participation of representatives from Bukhara, Surkhandarya, Kashkadarya and Navoi regions.

     The press service of the Nationwide movement "Yuksalish"