The Nationwide Movement “Yuksalish”: How productive was 2020?

 2020-12-31 18:46:11   |   

The end of the year is the time to take stock and form plans for the next year. Indeed, 2020 was not an easy year. However, the difficulties did not break people; but actually, the year has became a reference point for reassessing values, transforming of lively guidelines.

In the conditions of the man-made disaster in Sardoba, the COVID-19 pandemic and quarantine restrictions citizens did not forget about kindness, mercy and charity and helped each other, and those who are in need. A common misfortune have united us.

Charity and targeted assistance to the population


The team of the Nationwide Movement "Yuksalish" is pleased to have been able to contribute to good deeds, to become a part of a huge movement of volunteers, civic activists and thousands of caring people who, despite the trials, were ready to lend their shoulders, sacrifice time and material resources for the sake of life and health of others.

For example, in April, a group of activists came out with an initiative to launch a Telegram bot and a channel to provide free psychological counseling to citizens in crisis. The Center for Support and Development of Initiatives "NIHOL", the team of the "Partnership for Innovation" program in Uzbekistan, a group of psychologists and volunteers are among those initiators. “Yuksalish” supported this good initiative and tried to mobilize all available resources and engage partner organizations. During the operation of the Telegram bot, more than a thousand residents from different regions of Uzbekistan received remote professional psychological counseling.

To express the common gratitude to the representatives of the healthcare system in Uzbekistan for their dedication in the fight against coronavirus, the The Nationwide movement “Yuksalish” initiated a flash mob titled “Thank you, doctors of Uzbekistan”. Promotional videos were broadcasted in all regions of the republic, through television and social networks.

Athletes also expressed their unconditional respect, and recognition to medical staff who are at the forefront of the fight against coronavirus infection, save lives and perform feats every day, like real heroes. On September 3, before the start of the friendly match between the national teams of Uzbekistan and Tajikistan, the players entered the field wearing T-shirts with a special design and the inscription "Thank you!" (in Uzbek and Tajik languages).


Several dozen infographics and reference materials have been prepared to inform the population about coronavirus preventive measures, its symptoms, and rehabilitation. More than 50 thousand copies of thematic posters and brochures were printed, distributed among the population of the country, even in the most remote regions.

The Nationwide movement “Yuksalish”, together with the Ministry of Justice and with the support of the People's Receptions of the President, organized a charity campaign “Salom Sardoba, biz biz birgamiz!” (“Hello, Sardoba, we are together!”). Over 5 thousand people were covered by the campaign. They were provided with targeted material and financial assistance, from the funds received to the special account - 561 million soums. Due to this, bank cards with 2, 3 and 5 million soums were distributed to 111 families, 49 computers, 10 sets of student furniture, 2 sets of drawing items, one bicycle, a hearing aid and a special simulator were handed over to children with disabilities who study at home. 250 families received food packages worth 22.3 million soums. In addition, 23 trucks with humanitarian aid were sent to the affected areas, 167 families received furniture from partner organizations and sponsors.

Aid for almost 100 million soums in the form of construction materials and humanitarian aid was also provided to residents of districts and cities of Bukhara region, which suffered from squally wind and rain.


Support for civil society organizations


Quarantine restrictions did not stop the activities on supporting the non-governmental non-profit organizations, to increase their potential, involve civil activists in reform processes and make important decisions. Online tools enabled communication and to be always in touch with representatives of NGOs, to conduct consultations, trainings, “round tables” and other events both remotely and in person.

NWM “Yuxalish” stands for innovation in the development of civil society. One of the initiatives was organizing The First hackathon “Development of online courses on socially significant topics” in Tashkent (February 25-26). For two days, about 30 participants worked in four thematic groups. They have developed multimedia programs aimed at informing and enhancing the skills of NGO representatives in establishing relations with the public, media, forming effective management of a public organization, obtaining state social contracts, as well as developing copyright of the educational programs. Online courses are hosted on the web academy platform for NGOs (http://studyorg.uz/).


Uzbekistan has become a part of the innovation festival and the XI international conference “History of development: a look from the inside”. A series of satellite events have been organized in a number of regions of the country.

In particular, the volunteer campaign and the “round table” on the topic “Accessible historical monuments of Samarkand” united all those who are not indifferent to the problem of inclusion and accessibility of the sites for persons with disabilities. As part of the campaigns, ramps were installed in several historical sites.

A discussion club on leadership and volunteering was held in Tashkent. Representatives of non-governmental non-profit organizations, government agencies, volunteer groups and experts discussed global trends in the development of volunteering, systemic problems and approaches to support volunteer movements, aspects of leadership and volunteering during a pandemic in an open dialogue format. A special platform for uniting volunteers and NGOs was presented - http://unions.uz, developed by one of the grantees of “Yuksalish”.

In general, over the past period, 15 NGOs and 5 public councils under government agencies have received grants worth 1.5 billion soums. Representatives of about 50 public organizations improved their capacities and competencies during trainings and master classes.

A bright end of the year was the organization of the first NGO School of Uzbekistan in the last five years. 15 civic activists examined aspects of leadership and strategic management, management and quality control of programs and services, financial management and sustainability, as well as public relations and communications as listeners and participants of mini-lecture sessions, workshops and master classes. Representatives of NGOs also received ready-made templates (tools) of necessary documents, policies, procedures.


SDGs and UN 75th anniversary


The Nationwide movement Yuksalish assisted in promotion of the UN75 campaign, a global dialogue to reach as many residents of the republic as possible, both in-person and digitally. Uzbekistan entered the Top 10 countries in terms of the number of people who filled out the questionnaire on the https://un75.online  platform (more than 32 thousand responses).

During the year, discussions have been organized on the Voluntary National Review of the SDG implementation in Uzbekistan, about 30 online dialogues and motivational meetings as part of the series of events "The 75th anniversary of the UN: a look into the future", as well as a flash mob action "Thank you doctors". The general coverage is 2 million people of different ages and occupations.

In addition, some 150 NGOs from the network of the Nationwide Movement “Yuksalish”, supported the initiative to nominate Uzbekistan to the UN Human Rights Council for the period 2021-2023 years, noting positive changes in the protection of human rights, incentives for the further development of civil society institutions.


Constructive dialogue and public control


During 2020, 329 various campaigns and events were held, including over 200 in the regions of the country. For example, together with the Notary Chamber of Uzbekistan on December 1-7, “Days of free legal consultations” were held in the republic. 41 notaries participated in the action, more than 600 people from all regions of the country received free legal assistance.

The monitoring activities of the implementation of the State Programs were regularly conducted by the filed visits and public oversight. Over the past period, over 300 public oversight events have been carried out. In particular, the specialists of the Movement, with the participation of the Commissioner of the Oliy Majlis for Human Rights (Ombudsman), the Commissioner under the President for the protection of the rights and legitimate interests of business entities and a number of NGOs, held public oversight events in 6 regions of Uzbekistan. The team visited the facilities, the construction sites, rehabilitation and reconstruction of which were envisaged in accordance with the State and Investment Programs.

As a result of public monitoring, as well as on other topical issues of concern to the population, more than 40 proposals and recommendations were submitted to the Presidential Administration, the government and the Parliament. More than 20 issues have been emphasized in the agenda of sessions of local Kengashes of People's Deputies through the heads of regional divisions of the Movement.

More than 40 round tables and open discussions on topical and hot topics were held with the participation of national and foreign experts, representatives of state bodies and civil society institutions, youth and the media.


Plans for 2021


In 2020, the portfolio of foreign and international grants has reached almost $ 1.5 million. It should be noted that these projects and initiatives were implemented by the National Movement “Yuksalish” as a result of collaborative efforts of active citizens, local khokimiyats, ministries and departments, non-governmental non-profit organizations, international partners: The regional office of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation for Central Asia, the US Agency for International Development (USAID), INGO “Regional Dialogue”, the British Embassy in Tashkent, the European Union and many others - and representatives of international media community.

The movement intends to develop the activities started, support new initiatives and projects, with the main idea of uniting citizens in participating in ​​implementation of reforms in Uzbekistan.

In particular, in 2021 it is planned to:

- Ensure the openness of the implementation of the objectives defined in the Address of the President to the Parliament and the State Program. Citizens through a special platform will be able to monitor the process of implementation in real time;

- Organize open public hearings on the implementation of the State Program with the participation of representatives of NGOs, monthly briefings to inform the population about the progress of the State Program in the context of industries and spheres;

- Train more than 100 representatives of non-governmental non-profit organizations within the activities of the School of NGO;

- Create of a media school, within which more than 100 journalists and bloggers from all regions of Uzbekistan will improve their capacities;

- Deliver direct financial support to the vulnerable families worth 2 billion soums;

- Finance 12 small infrastructure projects in rural areas of Uzbekistan;

- Conduct 8 national researches on social issues;

- Prepare and quarterly publish information bulletins on the ongoing reforms in Uzbekistan.


The Press Service of the Nationwide Movement “Yuksalish”