As part of the "Salom, Sardoba, biz birgamiz!" Campaign over a thousand families received aid and support.

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From 8 to 10 September, as part of the next stage of the charity campaign "Salom, Sardoba, biz birgamiz!" (“Hello, Sardoba, we are together!”) Financial assistance was provided to the affected families, children with disabilities who are home-schooled, computers were handed over, wheelchairs were given to persons with limited mobility, and sets of books were given to three local schools.

 How it all began?

In early May of this year, a charity Campaign "Salom Sardoba, biz biz birgamiz!" was launched to help those affected by the floods as a result of a disaster at the Sardoba dam. The Campaign is implemented by the Ministry of Justice and the Nationwide Movement “Yuksalish” with the support of the People's Receptions Bureau of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan. A few days after the announcement of the Campaign, a large number of essential goods, including food, hygiene products, clothing, bedding, medicines and medical products, dishes, children's toys and others were donated by citizens, entrepreneurs, public and international organizations to an organized reception unit in Tashkent..

Over 20 trucks of humanitarian aid.

In total, during this period, within the framework of the Campaign "Hello, Sardoba, we are together!" more than 20 trucks with humanitarian cargo were sent to the affected areas of the Syrdarya region, including two from the Bukhara region, one from the Samarkand and Navoi regions. So, the first caravan with humanitarian cargo - over 10 trucks - on May 5 (three days after the announcement of the campaign) departed to the addressees. The organizers personally visited the places to donate charitable aid. One part of the humanitarian cargo was delivered to the premises of the Juridical college (400 citizens) and the specialized art school in Gulistan (300 citizens), where the displaced families were temporarily hosted. The second caravan went to the Akaltyn region (150 citizens). Food, clothing and hygiene products were handed over to Syrdarya residents. In the early days, such help was of key importance for residents, who left their homes to save their lives, to protect themselves from an unexpected disaster.

Non-indifference and charity.

Caring citizens who learned about the campaign through social networks brought food, clothing, bedding and hygiene products. Volunteers took an active part in the action: by observing sanitary and hygienic rules and quarantine requirements they sorted incoming items and products, helped to load and deliver them to the needed place. For example, the private company “Sherzod Soip Biznes” delivered humanitarian supplies to the affected areas free of charge.

Business entities were not left out of the process either. For example, the textile enterprise "TONY Uzbekistan" presented 1,000 T-shirts, the Association of Furniture and Woodworking Industry of Uzbekistan delivered  furniture for the home, the transport company "S.Y.R Forwarders Ltd" donated hygiene products worth 5.2 millionUZS..

The charity Campaign was also supported by a number of organizations, including the Konrad Adenauer Foundation, the International Chodiev Foundation, the KOICA Agency, the KRKA International Pharmaceutical Company (Slovenia), the “Ezgu Maksad” Charity Foundation, the OU7 Foundation, the Uzbek-Turkish Association of Entrepreneurs, the Society of Red crescent of Uzbekistan, The Sports Federations and other organizations.

Openness and transparency of distribution.

Within the framework of the action, the Nationwide Movement "Yuksalish" has opened a special bank account. Over the past period, more than 560 million UZS have been transferred from those wishing to make a financial contribution. To ensure transparency in the spendings of the raised funds, a special commission has been created. Its structure, along with the organizers of the campaign, included representatives of the President's People's Reception Office in the Syrdarya region, the Ministry of Justice, non-governmental non-profit organizations, the media and civil activists. They set the task of providing targeted assistance to families affected by the  disaster.

The initiators of the action, together with the members of the commission, went to places, studied the situation, met with residents of a number of makhallas in Sardoba, Akaltyn and Mirzaabad districts. As a result of meetings with citizens, a list of more than 100 families with detailed information was formed. The most needy families were selected from them. Some of them have persons with disabilities or chronic diseases, some rents a house or lost their property as a result of a disaster, some do not have a breadwinner in their families, and asked for assistance in paying the tuition payment for their children’s studies in universities.

Material support and targeted assistance.

On July 17 during a trip to the Syrdarya region, 24 citizens were given bank cards with 5 millionUSD deposit funds. Most of these residents rented housing before the disaster, and during the flood they lost their property, some of them are persons with disabilities, do not have a breadwinner and are raising minor children. Another 12 citizens received bank cards with 3 million worth. Their houses were destroyed because of the flood, the state provided them with 40 million USZ for their restoration. They asked for material assistance in connection with the difficult social situation, in a number of families there is no breadwinner, children with disabilities are dependent. Six people received wheelchairs. More than 90 families received sets of furniture from members of the Association of Furniture and Woodworking Industry of Uzbekistan and other donors.

The next stage of the campaign took place from 8 to 10 September. By the decision of the commission, the raised funds were used to provide direct material assistance to victims from among vulnerable groups of the population. With the participation of specialists from the People's Reception Office of the President in the Syrdarya region, based on the applications received from citizens, a list of more than 100 families raising children with disabilities was formed. Of these, 47 children with disabilities who are home-schooled were given computers, another 10 - student furniture, two - wheelchairs. The items and equipment donated include a rehabilitation simulator, an electric furnace, a hearing aid, a bicycle and two drawing kits.

In addition, sets of books of foreign and domestic authors were purchased and delivered to three school libraries in Akaltyn (school No. 1), Mirzaabad (school No. 1) and Sardoba (school No. 14) districts. A total of 2,928 books worth 40 million UZS.

In the coming days, 42 families raising children with disabilities will receive bank cards with 2 million UZS deposit each, another 33 families from among those in need of social protection will receive 3 million UZS.

The campaign became another proof of the mercy and generosity of the people of Uzbekistan and other countries, who, despite the difficult situation in the world due to the pandemic, cemostrated their involvement and help to the people of Syrdarya.

The Nationwide movement "Yuksalish" and the Ministry of Justice thanks all citizens and organizations who responded.                            

                                         Press Service of the Nationwide Movement "Yuksalish"