As part of the campaign “Salom Sardoba, Biz Birgamiz!” (Hello, Sardoba, we are together!) fundraised more than 550 million Uzbek soums

 2020-06-04 12:31:23   |     Просмотров: 104

A month ago, a charity campaign called “Salom Sardoba, Biz Birgamiz!” was launched to assist the flood victims from a technogenic disaster on the Sardoba Reservoir in Syrdarya province of Uzbekistan. The campaign is implemented by the Ministry of Justice and the Nationwide movement “Yuksalish”.

The campaign acts as a proof of the mercy and generosity of the people of Uzbekistan, residents and foreign partners, who, despite the challenging situation related to the pandemic, have shown the involvement to help the people of Syrdarya. Over the past period after the announcement of the campaign, a large number of essential goods, including food, hygiene products, clothing, bedding, medicines and medical products, as well as dishes, children's toys and others were delivered to the operational unit in Tashkent.

Volunteers in compliance with the rules of quarantine, sanitation and hygiene helped to sort the received products and items, pack and place them in trucks. In total, during this period, as part of the "Hello, Sardoba, we are together!" campaign more than 20 trucks with humanitarian cargo were sent to the affected areas of the Syrdarya region, including two from Bukhara region, one from the Samarkand and Navoi regions. Motor convoys, accompanied by the Ministry of internal affairs, were sent not only to Gulistan, where the centralized headquarters were located, but also directly to Akaltyn and Sardoba districts. Organizations and truck drivers contributed their services free of charge.

So, the first caravan with humanitarian aid of more than 10 trucks departed to the addressees on May 5 (three days after the announcement of the start of campaign). The organizers, in order to transfer charitable help, personally traveled to the field. One part of the humanitarian aid was delivered to the premises of the Juridical Vocational College (with 400 evacuated citizens) and the Specialized art school in Gulistan (with 300 evacuated citizens), where the affected families were temporarily accommodated. The second caravan went to Akaltyn district (with 150 evacuated citizens). The people of Syrdarya were given food, clothing and hygiene products. In the early days, such assistance was of key importance to our compatriots, who left home to save their lives, to protect themselves from unexpected catastrophe.

Indifferent citizens and residents who learned about the campaign through social networks brought more food, clothing, bedding and hygiene products. In particular, Albina Karimova, Otabek Sheraliev, Islomaziz Begmatov, Alexey Tsoi, Maria Krevenko and about two hundred other citizens and residents of Uzbekistan brought new sets of outerwear for children and adults, towels, dishes, hygiene products and children's toys. Umida Khusainova, who is active in social networks and regularly participates in charity events, joined the campaign and delivered items worth over 50 million Uzbek soums. In addition, together with the second caravan of humanitarian aid, Umida Khusainova went to the fields to personally transfer fundraised 60 million Uzbek soums with the assistance of sponsors to 60 affected families from Sardoba and Mirzaabad districts.

Business entities have made a considerable contribution to the campaign. For example, representatives of “BEVERLee Business” LLC brought items and products designed for more than 1,750 people, “TONY Uzbekistan” textile company provided 1,000 T-shirts, Uzbekistan Furniture and Woodworking Industry Association have contributed home furniture, “SYR Forwarders transport company Ltd ”provided hygiene products for 5.2 million uzbek soums.

The charity event was supported by a number of international organizations and foundations, including Konrad Adenauer Foundation, Shodiev International Foundation, KOICA Agency, KRKA International Pharmaceutical Company (Slovenia), Ezgu Maksad Charitable Foundation, OU7 Foundation, Uzbek-Turkish Association of Entrepreneurs, Red Society crescent of Uzbekistan, The Sports federations of Uzbekistan and other organizations.

At the same time, starting from May 3 till June 2 the amount of  551’722’776 Uzbek soums were received from those wishing to make a financial contribution to the special bank account opened by the Nationwide Movement “Yuksalish”.

So, 482’189’102 Uzbek soums were transferred to a special bank account (20212000100981895003) from organizations. 69’553’674 Uzbek soums were received from citizens and residents through payment systems Payme and Click (section “Charity” - “BizBirgamiz” logo).

In particular, the funds were transferred from:

-  “CNH INDUSTRIAL NV” group of companies in Uzbekistan, engaged in the production and maintenance of agricultural and construction equipment in Uzbekistan (210 million soums);

- Design Institute “Uzengineering” (100 million soums);

- Research Institute of Legal Policy under the Ministry of Justice (more than 13 million soums);

- “Ref Tech Service” LLC (10 million soums);

- “Silk road forever” LLC (10 million soums);

- JV “CHILON LUBRICANTS” LLC (5.8 million soums);

- residents of Kasansay district (5.2 million soums);

- Institute of Seismology Academy

- employees of the “El-Yurt Umidi” Foundation under the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan (5 million soums);

- farm enterprise "Avaz Agro xosil" (5 million soums);

- the staff of school No. 58 of the city of Namangan (2.4 million soums).

These funds will be used to improve the living conditions of affected families after consulting directly with the beneficiary citizens. The organizers of the campaign take responsibility for ensuring the transparency of the process of targeted spending of the raised funds. The nationwide movement "Yukalish" and the Ministry of Justice expresses the gratitude to all responding citizens, residents and organizations. In these challenging times, the people of Syrdarya feel support that gives them strength and hope for an early restoration of their usual lives.