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The situation with COVID-19 coronavirus infection and the quarantine announced in educational institutions and a number of organizations have caused different attitudes among the population of Uzbekistan. Most citizens try to follow the instructions and recommendations of doctors by receiving the information adequately without panic, and this is important. Many people are wearing medical masks on the streets and in public places.The demand for personal hygiene and protective equipment, including antiseptics, disposable medical masks and gloves, has significantly exceeded the actual capacity of pharmacy stores. Some "entrepreneurial" citizens are trying to make profit by artificially raising the price of medical masks and other goods. However, some pharmacy stores have not increased the prices of high-demand products, while others are distributing medical masks absolutely free of charge. Entrepreneurs and indifferent citizens acted on the process not as an outside observer. For example, Anvarjon Raupov, a resident of Yangier, Syrdarya region, distributed gauze of one meter to everyone. Aydinkhon Hoshimova, a resident of the Bogabad mahalla of Tashkent's Uchtepa district, buys 1,000 meters of gauze at her own expense, sews medical masks and distributes them to the needy. Dilshoda Usmanova, head of the "Ayubkhon Textil" private enterprise in Dangara district of Fergana region, and her sewing workshop sews about 10,000 masks every day. They do not sell them, do not wholesale them to pharmacy stores, but distribute them free of charge among the population of the district. 


Good deeds are not limited to this. In particular, the Transport Department of Kashkadarya region, Khokimiyats of Samarkand region and a number of other regions, entrepreneurs and indifferent citizens organized free transport for a group of students from Tashkent to get home due to quarantine. The Consul General of Uzbekistan in Novosibirsk H.E. Mr. Yusup Kabuljanov hosted a dinner for the citizens of Uzbekistan who missed their flights to Uzbekistan. Ahmad Meliboev, founder of the "Havoqand People Group" ("Les Ailes", "Chopar Pizza" restaurant chain) operating in Tashkent came out with an initiative to deliver free meals three times a day until April 1,  to the representatives of the Ministry of Health, call center operators and doctors, who are on duty around the clock at medical institutions and constantly monitor the status of infected people. Such examples show that in this challenging situation, Uzbeks have not forgotten to be kind to each other, to preform good deeds, and are trying to help those in need. They reaffirmed that it is always possible to show courage in life. The heroes are not in the comics and fairy tales, but ordinary people who are willing to hold their shoulders in spite of various trials, sacrifice their time and material resources for the benefit of others, and do their work diligently. The spread of the coronavirus has drawn people’s attention to the importance of extending a giving hand to others, and the importance of universal values such as solidarity and cooperation.The nationwide movement "Yuksalish" is grateful to the people who are not indifferent to these complex processes, who set an example to others by their actions. All of them became members of the social project "Heroes among us"! Good deeds will never go unrewarded!